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"Went to see Emma for a relaxation session recently. She was brilliant! I have been through a really stressful time and had forgotten how it feels to be relaxed but I came away feeling so much better. I will be going back to see her in the New Year."

Jayne Kirk


Weight Control/Weight Loss/Healthy Lifestyle & Eating Habits

Are you struggling to find lose unwanted weight, struggling with finding the motivation? Would you like to change your eating habits? Are you finding it easier just not to bother? Do you find the motivation but can’t seem to find the willpower to stick at it? Would you like to make automatic choices and changes in your eating behaviour without having to think about it or have an internal battle with yourself?

Have you or anyone you know ever battled with yourselves to reach your goal only to find that upon achieving it, you slip back into your old eating habits and the weight starts to creep back on? Would you like to take the mental battle out of loosing weight and making smart choices? Do you then give yourself a hard time because you believe you have failed or sabotaged yourself?

We understand that our relationship with food meets a positive need somewhere. During our assessment we pinpoint the specific needs and also address the underlying need too. At Inscape Hypnotherapy we provide you with a full and thorough assessment to be able to ensure you have the specific tools and practical steps to help you feel fully supported in achieving your desired changes, making you feel more confident, in control, safe, secure and ready for your new lifestyle and a new you!

We understand that to take something of value away, you must replace it with something else of value, to ensure you don’t return to your old coping mechanism. So why not take the hard work out of it and let hypnosis change your automatic thinking for you. By altering your automatic thinking and inner dialogue as well as boosting your attitude and willpower, your automatic behaviour alters to achieve lasting desired change.

We provide you with a very personalised service, starting with a FREE 15 minute, obligation free phone consultation, (link to email enquiry/phone number) so you can ask any questions you may have to allay any nagging doubts or fears. This will be followed by a full and thorough supportive assessment of your food patterns and habits to pinpoint the specific needs that are currently being met with food. This enables us to help build you a personal plan to ensure you have the specific tools as well as the practical steps to help you feel fully supported in achieving your desired goal, whilst making you feel more confident, motivated, in control, safe, secure and ready for your new lifestyle and a healthier you! Whether you want to lose weight or develop healthier eating patterns, whatever your objective, the only way to achieve it and sustain it is to change your automatic thinking and internal dialogue. We provide you with a ‘blueprint’ of a person who makes healthy choices, feels more confident in themselves and is more motivated to be active enabling you to WANT to modify your eating habits/choices for your new lifestyle.

This may seem daunting at first but at Inscape Hypnotherapy we realise the importance of ensuring you feel fully supported to give you the confidence to go ahead and achieve your goal.

Hypnotherapy can help adjust your behaviours, attitude and relationship to food. By doing this you can reduce or even eliminate the internal battle you face when trying to lose weight, as well as tackling cravings and sugary, fatty, starchy problem foods such as chocolate or bread etc. with Aversion Therapy. So why not take the hard work out of it for yourself?

Once we have supportively assessed your food routine and habits and pinpointed what needs are being met by food, we help to create new alternatives to meet those needs. Once we have established new alternatives we have a new blue print for thoughts, actions and behaviour.

Then we can ask your subconscious/unconscious mind to accept this new blueprint without you getting in your own way you even having to think about it.

Hypnotherapy gives you the boost in motivation to WANT to get your body moving and to WANT to make a better, healthier and nutritious food choices without the fear.

The American Medical Association study showed an increase of more then 200% in effectiveness by combining hypnosis with healthy eating choices.

How Does it Work?

Hypnosis for quitting weight works by engaging the unconscious/subconscious part of the mind by aligning what you want consciously with your unconscious automatic process. When hypnotised, your unconscious/subconscious mind becomes very attuned, acutely intelligent and hyper alert to suggestions you want. At this stage your unconscious/subconscious is susceptible to new Post Hypnotic Suggestions (PHS) as your conscious mind isn’t getting in your way.

This allows you to take on a new blueprint in your mind, the blueprint of someone with a healthier relationship to food and with different eating habits. Any suggestions your unconscious/subconscious doesn’t want, it will disregard, and any suggestions it does want, it will use, hence why it’s important to really want to loose weight or change your lifestyle.

Most people report loosing between 1-3lbs per week, having lots of energy and feeling more active and confident in themselves again.*

*Results may vary from person to person

Any audio recordings that may assist your personalised plan to further enhance and strengthen your new neural pathways are FREE!

What Happens?

Once your consultation and assessment are completed, I have established a personal plan for you and you have asked any questions you wish, I will facilitate gently guiding you into hypnosis to begin our work together. Hypnotherapy feels very relaxing & peaceful, much like the day dreamy feeling you experience just before you are about to drop off to sleep or when you are relaxing on holiday.

You can hear everything and are fully aware but you feel so nice and comfortable that you just want to keep your eyes closed and enjoy the pleasant experience you’re experiencing. Not one client has reported feeling worse, in fact quite the opposite of when they walked in through the door. Many people report leaving feeling really relaxed, refreshed and really motivated!

Package & Fees

After your assessment you will need to return 1 week later then 2 weeks later. The fee for this 3 session weight Control Package is £215 which is payable upfront via Debit/Credit Card or Cash.

For continued support you will return for 50 minute sessions 1, 3 and 6 Months later and unless you wish to return sooner for additional support. The fee for each subsequent session is £50 and is payable at the end of the previous session.

At Inscape Hypnotherapy our weight control programmes are tried and tested, hence our proven track record and brilliant success rates!*

*Results may vary from person to person

Terms & Conditions:

  • Sessions are payable a week in advance either by PayPal, cash, debit or credit card (fully secure card payment services).
  • 100% of the full session price will be charged in the event of client cancellation with less than one week's notice. This is to cover the clinician’s time and costs.
  • Clients and information discussed are completely confidential at all times. An exception to this would be if the client is deemed to be a danger to themselves or to others or if there are any legal reasons for disclosure.

*Results may vary from person to person

Please call Emma on 0776 092 3864 if you have any questions.

What Next?

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